Martingale betting for the favorites

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One very interesting option for betting is to bet on a Martingale for wins of the big favorites. It seems a pretty safe bet option, but bringing back very small profit compared to the original bank. Here are some more details on this bet.

Martingale betting system is simple. By a mathematical formula is calculated the appropriate increase in the stake to cover the previous losses. This special formula calculates the required stake which is multiplied by the odds so to bring back a profit to cover the current costs plus a certain amount which will.

Usually Martingale is used with high odds because they allow smaller bets. However, when we inevitably fall in a bad series of these difficult predictions the accumulation of non winning bets that should be covered with the next stake makes it really huge.

When you bet for the big favorites, however, things are the opposite. The winning bets are many, but the stakes are far bigger than usual. If a given favorite had a bad run and makes three or four games without a win, then it becomes scary. Losses will be enormous.

However, this rarely happens. With a really good analysis of the schedule of the leading teams in various leagues the punter can choose a team with good enough chances not to enter in such bad series throughout the season.

Take for example Barcelona or Real Madrid last year. Real Madrid made 32 wins in 38 games, but only once made two consecutive games without a win. This practically means 32 successful bets and pure income. Barcelona was worse last season, winning only 28 games but unlike Real they didn’t allow two consecutive matches without a victory. If the punter chose Barcelona the risk would be even smaller and he or she would have 28 units profit.

There is no doubt that to bet on favorites of Martingale is a risky game. Probability of winning is significant, but the question is whether it is worth risking so huge amount of money. Most people would say no. Therefore Martingale is only used with high odds. I personally don’t recommend this system for newbies. It’s for people who have experience in betting, especially for people who can afford to lose a large sum of money.

More about martingale will find on the video below.