Horse betting is legal in Germany

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Is it legal in Germany to participate in horse racing? Horse betting is a popular pastime in Germany. Many gamers play for the pleasure of pleasure and others have gained from this sector a financial foothold. Nevertheless, are horse betting in Germany actually considered legal? In the past, horse racing was seen as a so-called performance test and were from the German government considered legal.

This was, of course legality only on German horse betting company. As a customer, you could in the past; his bet easily on the various racecourses completed and thus give the horse races a special kick. At the time, was the betting tax 16.66%. With the rise of the Internet, however, there came many online horse-betting providers to train. Through this online horse-betting bookmaker customers,were offered the opportunity to complete horse racing comfortably from home.

One could thus save the way to the racetrack and follow the races via live stream on the internet. This step of the development had made the German government is not easy, because a variety of online horse betting company had its license abroad and thus it was difficult to move these bookmakers to tax levies. To tax the foreign bookmakers, was on 01.07 .2012 of the State Treaty on Gambling introduced in a modified version in Germany.

This includes a betting tax for 5%. Thus, the control in the horse betting range of 16.66% was reduced to 5%. With the introduction of this tax is the discrimination of Toto by exempting horse betting providers from abroad, such as, for example, finished Malta. Conclusion can be determined so that horse betting legal in Germany are.