Bet on the half time winner

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In the last few days I was searching for new options for profitable betting when my attention was attracted by a certain kind of bets on football matches. This is a bet on the first half and the final result of a football match. In this bet the player has to predict both the winner in the first half and the final winner of the match for his bet to be successful.

What is specific in my betting research is that the stakes for the first half will be for the guests and the final result will be for the hosts. I will look mainly in leagues where the average scored goals ratio is higher, because the reversals are more common in such leagues.

For such a reversal the bookmakers offer odds within 26 to 30 which is pretty good. Clearly, if you bet on singles, a single success for every 27 games would bring profit. The question is if it is possible one in 27 games to finish in this way.

Now, what I should do is make a small betting research in the leagues with high ratio for average goals per match. I should look for such matches and consider if it would be profitable to bet this way. In my mind now appears the second division of the Netherlands and some other leagues. They will be the first I am going to check.

The other thing that is interesting about this kind of betting is whether any combination of matches would be more profitable than simply betting on singles. This is a betting system in which matches are combined in pairs. Thus, the combined odds would be around 80, which will give profit even of one of every 75 bets. However, it seems it is not possible two reversals to happen so often.

Anyway, the opportunity to bet for a victory of the guests at halftime and the host as an end result is ultimately a system of betting that is worth checking. Something that I will surely do in the next few weeks.

Another betting system you can find in the video below.