Horse betting is legal in Germany

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Is it legal in Germany to participate in horse racing? Horse betting is a popular pastime in Germany. Many gamers play for the pleasure of pleasure and others have gained from this sector a financial foothold. Nevertheless, are horse betting in Germany actually considered legal? In the past, horse racing was seen as a so-called performance test and were from the German government considered legal.

This was, of course legality only on German horse betting company. As a customer, you could in the past; his bet easily on the various racecourses completed and thus give the horse races a special kick. At the time, was the betting tax 16.66%. With the rise of the Internet, however, there came many online horse-betting providers to train. Through this online horse-betting bookmaker customers,were offered the opportunity to complete horse racing comfortably from home.

One could thus save the way to the racetrack and follow the races via live stream on the internet. This step of the development had made the German government is not easy, because a variety of online horse betting company had its license abroad and thus it was difficult to move these bookmakers to tax levies. To tax the foreign bookmakers, was on 01.07 .2012 of the State Treaty on Gambling introduced in a modified version in Germany.

This includes a betting tax for 5%. Thus, the control in the horse betting range of 16.66% was reduced to 5%. With the introduction of this tax is the discrimination of Toto by exempting horse betting providers from abroad, such as, for example, finished Malta. Conclusion can be determined so that horse betting legal in Germany are.

Bet on the half time winner

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In the last few days I was searching for new options for profitable betting when my attention was attracted by a certain kind of bets on football matches. This is a bet on the first half and the final result of a football match. In this bet the player has to predict both the winner in the first half and the final winner of the match for his bet to be successful.

What is specific in my betting research is that the stakes for the first half will be for the guests and the final result will be for the hosts. I will look mainly in leagues where the average scored goals ratio is higher, because the reversals are more common in such leagues.

For such a reversal the bookmakers offer odds within 26 to 30 which is pretty good. Clearly, if you bet on singles, a single success for every 27 games would bring profit. The question is if it is possible one in 27 games to finish in this way.

Now, what I should do is make a small betting research in the leagues with high ratio for average goals per match. I should look for such matches and consider if it would be profitable to bet this way. In my mind now appears the second division of the Netherlands and some other leagues. They will be the first I am going to check.

The other thing that is interesting about this kind of betting is whether any combination of matches would be more profitable than simply betting on singles. This is a betting system in which matches are combined in pairs. Thus, the combined odds would be around 80, which will give profit even of one of every 75 bets. However, it seems it is not possible two reversals to happen so often.

Anyway, the opportunity to bet for a victory of the guests at halftime and the host as an end result is ultimately a system of betting that is worth checking. Something that I will surely do in the next few weeks.

Another betting system you can find in the video below.

Martingale betting for the favorites

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One very interesting option for betting is to bet on a Martingale for wins of the big favorites. It seems a pretty safe bet option, but bringing back very small profit compared to the original bank. Here are some more details on this bet.

Martingale betting system is simple. By a mathematical formula is calculated the appropriate increase in the stake to cover the previous losses. This special formula calculates the required stake which is multiplied by the odds so to bring back a profit to cover the current costs plus a certain amount which will.

Usually Martingale is used with high odds because they allow smaller bets. However, when we inevitably fall in a bad series of these difficult predictions the accumulation of non winning bets that should be covered with the next stake makes it really huge.

When you bet for the big favorites, however, things are the opposite. The winning bets are many, but the stakes are far bigger than usual. If a given favorite had a bad run and makes three or four games without a win, then it becomes scary. Losses will be enormous.

However, this rarely happens. With a really good analysis of the schedule of the leading teams in various leagues the punter can choose a team with good enough chances not to enter in such bad series throughout the season.

Take for example Barcelona or Real Madrid last year. Real Madrid made 32 wins in 38 games, but only once made two consecutive games without a win. This practically means 32 successful bets and pure income. Barcelona was worse last season, winning only 28 games but unlike Real they didn’t allow two consecutive matches without a victory. If the punter chose Barcelona the risk would be even smaller and he or she would have 28 units profit.

There is no doubt that to bet on favorites of Martingale is a risky game. Probability of winning is significant, but the question is whether it is worth risking so huge amount of money. Most people would say no. Therefore Martingale is only used with high odds. I personally don’t recommend this system for newbies. It’s for people who have experience in betting, especially for people who can afford to lose a large sum of money.

More about martingale will find on the video below.